Credit Problems

Platinum Stars change my life totally, he fixed my credit, and now I have my dream house built from the ground up, my home! I WAS ABLE TO PURCHASE THE RING my wife deserved for our wedding. I have the luxury car I always desired. Whatever my needs Platinum stars make sure I have the best service and experience. Thank you Platinum stars, you are awesome”

— Jovan walker

Buying A Home

Platinum Stars are the best with their services! He is very careful with detail, he helped me find a home that was suitable for my family. Platinum stars did his best to please my taste. I appreciate the work, attention, he put in my opinion the likes and dislikes. If you are in the market for finding a home was your guy. He will get the job done at whatever cost. He helped me re-established my credit. It wasn’t  horrible but it wasn’t great, I  got the best interest rate on the market at the time. I also applied for major credit cards and was approved for high limits. He worked on my credit day to day until I was left in good standings. I have no complaints and I’m very thankful for all Platinum stars has done for me”

— Emmy Martinez

Customer Quote – Buying A Home

“Thank you Platinum Stars for helping me get my brand new house. The loan officer and realtor were amazing. It was a smooth transition on acquiring my new home.”

— E. Ryan Houston, TX

Customer Quote – Automotive Accident

“My truck was hit by an 18-wheeler and I sustained personal injuries. I reached out to Platinum Stars Network and they helped me with the process of truck repairs, finding a great chiropractor, and attorney!”

— John R. Katy, TX

Customer Quote – Automotive Repair

“My transmission went out in my SUV. I stopped by this company and they quoted $2,150. I thought that was kinda expensive, so I called Platinum Stars Network and they referred me to someone on his preferred client list. The total cost was $1,300. It was the same service offered from the first quote but $850 cheaper. Thank you Platinum Stars Network”

— R. Gray Houston, TX

Customer Quote – General Contractor

“I was looking to widen my driveway and I called 2 companies. One quoted me $1,600 and the other was $1,450. I got referred to Platinum Stars Network and they sent a company from their preferred client list out to my house and they completed the job for $1,250. And the quality and service was excellent! Thanks a million Platinum Stars Network.”

— LMJ Pearland, TX